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YogAyur Retreat in Carpineto Romano
08/08/2019 - Yoga
Event date: from 08/08/2019 to 11/08/2019

Escape from the worries that take up their own space and time, and choose to be in the here and now.  Be open to that which you encounter on the path of life as it presents itself. This we will try to learn from the mountain during the retreat in Carpineto Romano with YogAyur.

An experience of meditation and well-being in deep contact with nature.  Four days of camping in Carpineto Romano, in the Lepini mountains, a stone’s throw from Rome.  The days will be spent practising Yoga, Meditation, Walks, and discovering trails in Pian della Faggeta and Monte Semprevisa.

Led by Cati Briganti and by farmers and shepherds of Carpineto we will learn about the origins of many products that the Bistrot chef YogAyur uses in her recipes, even learning some of them: how to make homemade ricotta cheese or homemade pasta.

We will stay at the Agrifoglio del Ciroletto campsite for two nights, while the third night we will spend in tents accompanied by an expert guide.

For the final lunch we will discover the poetics of CAnTInA Clandestina (wholesome and fair-trade food) by Cati Briganti.


18.00 Arrive at the campsite
19.30 Welcome and yoga
20.30 Dinner
22.00 Tea

8.00 Yoga
9.00 Breakfast
10.30 Walking Meditation
13.00 Lunch and meeting with the cheese-maker with a demonstration of the making of ricotta.
17.00 Relax
19.30 Yoga
20.30 Dinner
22.00 Mountain festival

8.00 Yoga
9.00 Breakfast
11.00 Depart for mountain walk
13.00 Packed lunch
15.30 Accommodation at the refuge for the night
19.00 Yoga
21.00 Dinner
22.30 Meditation and chanting

6.00 Sunrise meditation & yoga
8.00 Breakfast
9.00 Return and visit to Carpineto with homemade pasta workshop
13.00 Lunch in the Cellar
15.00 Final farewell

€ 300 all inclusive (Practices, board and lodging in a tent)


For info about the full course, for which it’s still possible to register: Click here

info@yogayur.it - 3803270932