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17/01/2019 - Yoga
Event date: from 17/01/2019 to 20/01/2019

Alyona Tolstikhina (RUS), a yoga teacher active in the field of well-being and fitness for over 13 years and with a degree in Pedagogy, returns to YogAyur for these special classes.

Alyona will hold three workshops to introduce the practice of Fly Yoga, a class for children and two afternoons for in-depth study for teachers.

It can be an introduction to the practice or an opportunity to deepen your confidence with the hammocks.
Only 9 places available for two completely dedicated classes.

See you at the lessons, flying high 💜


KIDS AERIAL (for kids/teens & adults if they want!)

SUNDAY 20 JANUARY - 15:00/16:00


FRIDAY 18 JANUARY - 20:00/22:00

SUNDAY 20 JANUARY - 12:00/14:00

  • You will meet the hammock and get to know all the parts and handles
  • We will practice pranayama and apply the classic hatha yoga asanas in the hammock
  • We will do a balanced practice with stretching, asanas, push-ups and inversions
  • You will practice "bat pose" and other inverted asanas, feeling their positive effects
  • We will do asanas and more advanced progressions, it will be a good challenge and a good practice
  • You will learn something new about your body's abilities
  • We will do advanced asana sequences
  • Shavasana and pranayama are always there for you


THURSDAY 17 JANUARY - 16:30/20:30

SUNDAY 20 JANUARY - 16:00/20:00


  • You are a yoga teacher, dance, stretching or fitness instructor or you have at least one year of personal yoga practice experience and want to become an aerial yoga teacher
  • You want to improve your personal practice, add something new and make it more interesting
  • You would like a deep and broad theoretical knowledge in the fly yoga methodology


  • More than 100 traditional yoga asanas adapted to a yoga hammock
  • Characteristics of the practice with a hammock with or without handles
  • Benefits of aerial yoga
  • Safety techniques, contraindications, restrictions
  • Pranayama, meditation in a hammock
  • Alignment and adaptation
  • Variations
  • Ready-to-use yoga sequences and lessons to create your own flow
  • Methodology of creating a class

At the end of the training you will have enough practical and theoretical knowledge to teach a class, pass the exam, get a certificate and become an aerial yoga teacher.

The training is held by Alyona Tolstikhina (RUS), an expert yoga teacher, who has been practicing yoga for more than 3 years, has been working in the field of wellness and fitness for over 13 years and has a degree in Pedagogy. She will make you believe you can fly!

Sunny, sparkling and stimulating are the qualities with which her students describe her. A yogic flying sorceress, she is kind and tries to bring out the best from her students, both humanly and physically.

A true teacher is one who has learned from the right source, who continually practises to improve, who cares and loves students and, to complete the picture, has a luminous and sunny personality. This describes Alyona perfectly.

LOCATION: YogAyur Gazometro Via Giuseppe Acerbi 38 (metro Piramide)


1 workshop (2h) € 60

2 workshops (4h) € 110

Aerial Kids € 15

Teacher Training (8h) € 280

Both workshops + Teacher Training (12h) € 360


or by visiting the office by appointment.


3803270932 - info@yogayur.it


  • Fly Yoga is a way of looking at traditional asanas from a new point of view
  • It is a good way to start practicing yoga, because a hammock supports you and helps in many asanas.
  • It is much easier to do inverted asanas and still receive all their positive effects on the body.
    Relieves pain in the back, neck, knees and headache.
  • It is very good for the nervous system, promoting calmness and happiness.
  • If you are an advanced yogi, it can bring variety to your practice and help you discover new abilities of your body
  • It's perfect for stretching and your body will become flexible and fit quite quickly
  • There is an individual approach; because groups are small the teacher can give attention to everyone
  • It's fun; it makes you feel happy and opens your mind
  • After savasana you will understand why so many people adore aerial yoga!