Postural Yoga

This style comes from Hatha Yoga, but differently from other methods, puts a greater emphasis on the physical aspect of the practice.

The main attention is on details, precision and alignment in the performance of posture (asanas).

The ultimate aim of this intense practice is to work deeply on the body to get in touch with its authentic nature, allowing it to be fully expressed and encouraging inner Awakening.

Iyengar style is based on the 200 positions of the traditional Yoga, to be held for specific lengths of time, and 14 breathing techniques (pranayama).

The different asanas are taught progressivly, in order to allow the students to gradually develop the practice from the easiest to the most advanced exercises, moving harmoniusly and overcoming the gap between mind, body and spirit.

The peculiarity of Iyengar Yoga lies in the use of a series of tools to allow anyone to adopt the expected positions, despite physical obstacles or limitations.

Through the use of wooden supports, cushions, belts and special chairs, therefore, even the most advanced and challenging asanas will be accessible to everyone.

The well-being deriving from the practice of Iyengar Yoga is both physical and psychological.

The attention to posture and symmetry make it an exceptional help to alleviate problems related to the spine.

The emphasis on isometric appearance is very effective in strengthening the muscles, with the benefit of muscolar tone and the joints.

Ideal to be combined with other sports activities, such as running, cycling or swimming, in order to integrate and complete one‘s athletic training, at the same time it provides a valid support against hypertension, depression, insomnia and disorders related to menopause.

All things considered, Iyengar yoga is a real therapeutic treatment, as it acts on the balance of internal organs, the endocrine system and immune functions.


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