YogAyur was created to give new impetus to the culture of personal wellbeing, a wellbeing not just physical, but permeating all levels of a human being, through an integral approach aimed at harmonizing the body, mind and heart.

The connection between physiology, emotion and thought, attested by the oldest religious and philosophical traditions, and proven today by science, is the starting point for YogAyur’s mission.

A constantly evolving mission, utilizing ancient tools and practices such as yoga, massage, meditation along with contemporary techniques such as counseling, the goal of YogAyur (Yoga = Union, Ayur = Life) is to increase the experiential connection with that which we call Life, increase the awareness of our condition, and better understand that which can lead us to a richer, more peaceful and fulfilling life, in short, to a natural wellbeing.

Along this path of gradual harmonization of our functions we also play an active role in the commitment to social activities and art, which with their petals, complete the rose of YogAyur’s activities.  Commitment to social activities because there is no real wellbeing for us if it is not shared.  Art because it is through the development of the senses and the involvement of our emotions that we can reach a deeper understanding of ourselves.

YogAyur works in collaboration with professionals and experts in various holistic fields to offer 360-degree support in the pursuit of wellness.


YogAyur offers private and group yoga and meditation classes; holistic massage treatments at home or at associated wellness centers; counseling sessions for individuals, couples or workgroups; wellness workshops; practice retreats and trips to places of artistic and cultural interest.

Courses can be individually tailored to best facilitate the achievement of psycho-physical wellbeing.

YogAyur also supports educational projects in Italy and abroad with beneficial activities.

Document of Internal Regulations

Social Promotion Association Statutory Document