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YogAyur Workshop Prana, Nutrition and Diet
14/04/2019 - Social
Event date: 14/04/2019

Did you know that colors, scents and flavors feed our body and soul? What is Prana? How is vital energy influenced by the impressions we receive from the outside, from the air we breathe and from the foods we eat?

We look forward to seeing you on April 14th at the YogAyur headquarters in Via Giuseppe Acerbi from 12:00 to 16:00 to find out, together with our naturopath Sara Cantelmi and Federico Insabato, Yoga and meditation teacher and founder of YogAyur.

At 13:30 a lunch break with menu by Cati Briganti, themed around the workshop.

We will discuss:

  • Attention to emotions as nourishment and DEnourishment of the organs
  • Cravings for flavours and nourishment or DEnourishment of our system
  • Seasonal awareness
  • Spring diet
  • Detox and herbal tea in the spring
  • Yin and Yang foods in relation to the circadian and circumannual rhythm
  • Super food and the use of Chlorella seaweed

Sara Cantelmi has always been passionate about nutrition and natural supplements, after graduating in literature, she moved her focus to natural medicine, starting her 4-year course (diploma + master) in the school of Naturopathy AICTO, a school affiliated with the chemistry department of the University of Sapienza. Specializing in phytotherapy, flower therapy, micotherapy, aromatherapy, she currently works in her holistic center located in Guidonia and collaborates with various organizations in Rome.

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Via Giuseppe Acerbi 38 (Metro Piramide)

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