EduYoga Bimbi

Holistic learning for a new millenium

The course is divided into 4 weekends, starting in December 2019, with the possibility of internship and job placement in primary schools in Rome and Latina.

The mission of EduYoga is to prepare parents, teachers and educators to experience a state of centering and harmony, to learn and embody the teachings of yoga and to become skilled in transmitting them to children and young people.

Who is it for?

The course is aimed at parents, educators, yoga teachers, primary and secondary school teachers, and to all those who are curious and sensitive, who want to deepen the possibility of a conscious and holistic education.

Min 14, Max 20 participants.

Course content

The subjects and the areas covered will be: principles and philosophy of yoga, its benefits and scientific findings; pedagogy and educational tools; basics of anatomy and pediatric physiology and development; art, creativity and play and the business and management of the profession.

Multiple and varied tools used: individual and paired yoga positions (Asana); opening rituals; breathing practices (Pranayama); meditation; visualizations and relaxation; mantra; mandala; mudra; massage; educational stories; paths; energizing or calming games and other artistic-expressive ideas.

During the weekends there will always be space for a personal yoga practice in order to feel with the body and not just the mind. All activities will be aimed at the world of children, training our inner child and creativity to emerge and develop.


  • Knowledge and exploration of Yoga in general with a focus on childhood
  • Experiencing the constitutive elements of Yoga for children and teenagers
  • Exploring motor, intellectual and emotional needs based on age
  • Increased awareness of one's body and inner world
  • How to structure a Yoga class based on specific ages
  • Learn how to develop teaching units using Yoga techniques
  • Using Yoga techniques in your school class
  • Activate, manage and promote a yoga class
  • Using the tools and techniques in the family environment
  • The role of educator: rethinking oneself and new techniques
  • Increase your creativity and know how to transform it
  • Listening skills and knowing how to respond to children's needs in a more profound way
  • Undertaking the educational aims of yoga and opening up to new teaching methods


 The training course is composed of:
* 64 hours of theory and practice divided into 4 intensive weekends
* 15 hours of personal yoga practice at our centers
* 14 hours of personal study and game creation
* 10 hours of experiential training observing, co-leading and leading existing EduYoga classes  

COURSE DATES 2019 - 2020

14th-15th December 2019 (at YogAyur - Via G. Acerbi 38 - Piramide)
25th-26th January 2020 (at Amrita - Via dei Georgofili 149 - San Paolo)
15th-16th February 2020 (Saturday: at Amrita / Sunday: at YogAyur)
7th-8th March 2020 (at YogAyur - Via G. Acerbi 38 - Piramide)

The final certificate will be awarded upon completion of the hours of Personal Practice. The Internship can be performed even after the end of the course.

The course hours are as follows:
Saturday 10:30 - 19:00 
Sunday 10:30 - 18:30 
(lunch break 13:30-14:30)


  • 15 - 21 JULY (Residential) 

One week of intensive training, that concludes with a FAMILY VACATION weekend (15th - 21st July 2020) dedicated to the families and children.

Students will have the opportunity to put the learned techniques learned into practice, trialling them live in a pleasant natural environment.

It will also be possible for those who have taken part in the winter edition, to do an internship, assisting and co-running the FAMILY VACATION. 


The total cost of the course is €590. If the total is paid in full or paid before 1st October, the price will be €540. To register, a payment of €240 is required, the remainder to be paid before the third weekend.
It is also possible to register and attend individual weekends at a cost of €170 each.

For all teachers of all levels, it is possible to use the Teacher's Card discount, to pay €500. If interested, write to us and we will send you the link to the Sofia platform.


Write to or call 3803270932


  • Teaching materials
  • Relaxation audio
  • Personal yoga practice at each meeting
  • Internship and assistance in elementary classes involved in schools
  • Participation and co-leadership of a private Yoga class for children
  • Opportunity of job placement for distinguished participants in schools in the province of Rome and Latina
  • Creation and co-leadership of workshops during the Yoga Family Vacation  


The training course will alternate between the two offices of the host associations. Some meetings will take place at AMRITA in via dei Georgofili 149, S.Paolo area; others at YOGAYUR in via Giuseppe Acerbi 38, Ostiense area. This edition of the course takes place in Rome, but we are happy to consider travel to other sites both nationally and internationally.


For the summer edition we’ve thought of a creative and experiential way to conclude the training. One weekend in Nature, dedicated to families. In this weekend in July, you can participate in activities dedicated to children and to parents. We will apply the learned techniques live, observing, co-leading and leading some of the activities. It will be an enriching and relaxing opportunity to conclude our journey outdoors and proactively experience ourselves as Yoga Teachers for Children and Teens.


AMRITA and YOGAYUR are two well-known established associations in Rome committed to serving people in the field of wellness and Yoga.

The union of the two associations guarantees to provide a network of professionals and a combination of skills, methods and practices that are varied and useful for a successful project.

Amrita has worked in Rome for several years, guaranteeing quality offerings in the field of spirituality with a holistic approach, becoming increasingly involved in education as a change in society.

YogAyur was created to give a new impetus to the culture of personal well-being, a wellness that is not only physical, but permeating all levels of a human being. In recent years the two associations have joined together for educational purposes and have been working on Yoga at School projects in public schools in the local area.


Amrita was created in 1997 and right from the start the goal was to combine the art of Yoga with the ancient Indian medical science of Ayurveda.

With much effort, love and care, they have endeavored to create a spiritual meeting point in which everyone can share the aspiration to improve as a human being, developing not only their psychophysical well-being, but also their own divine potential.

In the many years of extensive activity it has hosted a vast array of seminars, events, training, debates on well-being and personal growth, on current issues and spirituality, tracing the ancient and wise Eastern traditions and adapting them to the needs of our times.

Meditation, Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Massage and Ayurvedic consultations, Training Courses and Travel in India.

Since 2009 Amrita has been focused and actively involved in working with families and the world of children. To date, they offer a weekly yoga course for children and teenagers, involving the whole family. While the little ones engage in the "downward facing dog" pose, the adults in the next room practice yoga with another teacher. Parents and children meet periodically to share family activities with quality time, slower breathing, play and relaxation. In recent years it has been involved with various schools in the capital.


YogAyur was born to give a new impetus to the culture of personal well-being, a well-being that is not only physical, but permeating all levels of a human being, through an integral approach aimed at harmonizing the body, mind and heart. 

The connection between physiology, emotion and thought, attested by the oldest religious and philosophical traditions, and proven today by science, is the starting point for YogAyur's mission.

A constantly evolving mission, utilizing ancient tools and practices such as yoga, massage, meditation along with contemporary techniques such as counseling, the goal of YogAyur (Yoga = Union, Ayur = Life) is to increase the experiential connection with that which we call Life, increase the awareness of our condition, and better understand that which can lead us to a richer, more peaceful and fulfilling life, in short, to a natural wellbeing.

YogAyur offers private and group yoga and meditation classes; massage and holistic treatments at home or at associated wellbeing centers. It also offers relational counseling sessions for individuals, couples or for working groups; workshops and thematic meetings on wellbeing; practice retreats and trips to places of artistic and cultural interest.

Courses can be individually tailored to best facilitate the achievement of psycho-physical well-being. 

YogAyur also supports educational projects in Italy and abroad with beneficial activities.



Passionate about the world of childhood, she began early on to be involved in activities in the field of games and education: party promoter, educational farm worker, chaperone and tutor of children and adolescents in summer stays in Italy and abroad. She graduated in International Cooperation, with a Masters in "Human Rights and Humanitarian Intervention" from the University of Bologna. She has directed the Amrita Ayurveda Yoga center since 2000.

She is a practitioner of hot-stone massage and Kerala-style ayurvedic massage learned in Italy and India.

She is an art therapist at the Sipea Onlus, specializing in "Creative expressions and Dance music therapy."

She studies and offers yoga classes for children and young people combining yoga with expressive and artistic methods.

She is specialized in the following methods of yoga for children: * The Childplay Yoga Program, Yoga Alliance and KRI * Play Yoga @ at A.I.Y.B, * Yoga for children with special needs at Namah.

She graduated in Therapeutic Yoga at the Yoga and Ayurveda Academy with Ayurvedic doctor Rajesh Shrivastava. She loves play, nature and everything that is personal growth, with a deep love for discovery and work on oneself. She is also an Odaka certified yoga teacher for adults.


Counselor, yoga and meditation teacher, after a sporting career in sailing and with a degree in International Cooperation from La Sapienza University in Rome, Federico decided to dedicate himself fully to his long-held interests in self-enquiry and the study of wellbeing in humans.

Along his journey he has studied movement and sacred dance handed down by G.I.Gurdjieff and the essence of the Sufi tradition. Furthermore, he is trained in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage by Shakti Martinez, a direct student of Indian master Kusum Modak.

He is a certified relational counselor with an integral approach to wellbeing on the physical, emotional, and mental level.

He teaches classical Hatha Yoga and meditation in Italian and English, and collaborates with select wellness centers and spas in Rome.

He also teaches children's yoga in public and private schools around the capital.



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