Bistrot & BentoBar Hammam - Turkish Bath

Deep Chill Restorative & Nidra night

26/01/2020 - Yoga

Restorative Yoga was created as a practice of postures on the ground, supported by Yoga tools (pillows, pads, blankets, etc.). The positions are passive, and unlike Yin Yoga, with which it is often associated, Restorative is not targeted at joints or tissues, but aims to create a condition of complete ease, support and comfort. This makes it very suitable for those seeking deep rest, quieting for the nervous system (useful for managing anxiety, stress, illness, convalescence, strength recovery, insomnia and hypertension), as well as being useful for those with joint conditions such as hypermobility, arthritis, arthrosis, back pain, repetitive stress syndrome, etc.


25/01/2020 - Arte


Honey Dinner from YogAyur

24/01/2020 - Yoga

Our suppliers are fantastic, but the Drone and the Worker are surely the sweetest of all!

Honey, propolis and beeswax that our buzzing friends can offer is collected and treated with love by this small and productive family-run company.

Conscious Village - Second Meeting

17/01/2020 - Yoga

Let's get serious!
Did you know that we're planning to re-inhabit an ancient village in Umbria near Orvieto?!?
To be precise, it’s Cantone, a fraction of the small but delightful village of Parrano.

The first meeting in December went very well and introduced us to the few but determined inhabitants who opened their doors and arms to us, fully supporting our project.

Japan Comes to YogAyur

11/01/2020 - Yoga

Japan comes to YogAyur on the 1st and 2nd of February...with a Shodo calligraphy and Sumi-e zen painting course curated by Kinuko Miura (Hydrangea Garden Cultural Association).

During the two days, the artist will also give a calligraphy performance on the wall in one of the YogAyur rooms.

Epiphany with Family at YogAyur

06/01/2020 - Yoga

Little Befanas in the grass...on 6th January we’ll make you fly!

Bistrot Now Delivers to Monti or to Your Home

14/11/2019 - Wellness

From today it will be possible for YogAyur members to order breakfast, lunch and dinner with a simple click online in our members area. The delicious preparations of the Via Acerbi bistrot can reach you at the end of your lesson in one of our two studios, or be delivered directly to your home through the Uber Eats and Deliveroo platforms. 

New Yoga Mats from Liforme - Manduka - AkoYoga

13/11/2019 - Yoga

The new yoga mats from Liforme, Manduka and AkoYoga are coming!
Various thicknesses and different types from eco-mats to travel-mats, all with an excellent price to quality ratio.

YogAyur Welcome Pack - Free Intro Meetings with our Professionals

13/11/2019 - Wellness

This year YogAyur members can enjoy a free introductory meeting with not only our physical wellness professionals: nutritionist, osteopath, medical expert in Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic therapist.


13/11/2019 - Wellness

Good news for YogAyur members! We’ve activated a new concession agreement with the NaturaSì store at 49 via Luca della Robbia, in Testaccio.


01/11/2019 - Yoga

Not simply a teacher training, but a nine-month journey to deepen the disciplines of Yoga and Meditation, bringing their teachings into everyday life. Nine months of training with thematic workshops and theoretical insights for a total of 250 hours of practice.


14/10/2019 - Yoga

The Path to Motherhood officially begins at our Gazometro center in Via Giuseppe Acerbi, 38

A journey of transformation according to nature

Pregnancy represents a magical time for a woman, a period of great change.

As the body prepares to welcome life it undergoes many adaptations...familiarizing and preparing yourself physically and psychologically will help you to face these changes more calmly. 

Through Yoga it is possible to take the most natural path in this journey of transformation path that leads a woman to become a mother in both mind and body.


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At YogAyur, yoga is much more than a fitness routine.

YogAyur was specifically created to benefit health and wellbeing at a wider level. We believe a holistic yoga practice includes more than just physical postures. Our classes include a combination of yoga postures, breathing practices, meditation, mantras and music, woven together to balance body, mind and soul.

As the most ancient religions and spiritual traditions teach and as also confirmed by modern science, the strong connection existing between body, mind and soul lies at the heart of YogAyur's vision.