Travel and the discovery of unspoilt places in nature are the perfect metaphor for the inner journey that Yoga and Meditation promote in the human soul. Retreats and Yoga Holidays allow you to combine the experience of travel and relaxation with the Spiritual dimension and regeneration of the body, allowing the practitioner an experience of renewal on both a mental and physical level.

The weekends and holidays organized by YogAyur are carefully prepared to guarantee the participants optimal conditions of tranquility and recollection, ideal for getting in touch with the deepest and most intimate dimension, often sacrificed by unyielding daily rhythms and the chaotic urban context.

We have selected the most beautiful locations in Italy for you, spectacular havens of peace in which to take refuge to cultivate your Awareness and well-being: sailing in the Mediterranean, near ancient monasteries surrounded by breathtaking views and fabulous villas set in peaceful landscapes. We want to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, finding a magical harmony between mind, body and spirit.

The days will consist of yoga, relaxation techniques, and enjoyable activities immersed in the greenery, Ayurvedic treatments, massages and excursions to nearby beautiful locations. Every element is crafted in detail to bring you closer to the true essence of Yoga and Meditation. From the selection of organic and revitalizing food offered, through to the activities carried out, all the details will come together to guarantee a complete and immersive experience.

YogAyur Retreats are the perfect opportunity to discover new places, unexplored worlds and broaden your horizons, become more aware of the world in which we live and understand that everything is connected. Our lives are sacred and precious and we need to transform our lives into a wonderful journey.

Check the calendar for upcoming activities: find out all the details about planned activities, the prices of the holiday packages offered and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about our Yoga Holidays.

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