Counseling aims to achieve a higher level of quality of life of the individual, in both the social context and/or professional environment in which he/she operates.  Working together towards this goal, the individual is given a greater awareness of communicative and relational dynamics, benefitting from optimized management of dialogue and a full capacity for conflict resolution.

The Counselor takes a holistic view of the person, carefully analyzing the psychophysical sphere in its entirety, evaluating all the different levels which make up the individual, and how they interact.  Counseling is applicable to a variety of situations and sessions can involve the individual, a couple, family groups or work teams.



YogAyur offers all the experience of its professional Counselors to assist you in the formation of new communication methods, to improve your daily life, reach your goals - personal and professional - and overcome any objective and emotional difficulties that may arise. Using traditional counseling techniques mediated by Yoga and meditation, we provide our customers with all the tools necessary to comprehensively improve the communicative-relational aspect of their life.

We offer Counseling as a means improve any situation that can detract from a targeted cultivation of personal growth, congruous emotional management and the exploration of lateral thinking skills, such as:

  • Individuals who want to trigger a dynamic and positive change in their lives
  • Couples desiring a more profound and functional form of communication
  • Work groups looking for increasingly challenging objectives
  • Sports teams aiming to maximize their performance

YogAyur offers workshops, team building activities and carefully tailored courses on listening, communication and personal growth.  We work in collaboration with offices and companies, including large companies such as Fendi and Turner.

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"The focal point is the individual, not the problem. The aim is not to solve a particular problem, but to help the individual to grow so that he can face both the current problem and the subsequent ones in a more integrated way"
~ Carl Rogers