Traditional Ayurvedico

Traditional Ayurvedic massage is a discipline of Indian origin that is based on a holistic vision of human beings and wellbeing. The benefits of this art are still found in a multitude of situations and we can use its techniques to strengthen the body and the spirit both on a daily basis, and to preempt particular phases of the year (for example, the change of seasons) or to effectively combat stress and the signs of aging.

Performed with deep manipulations, alternating with light friction and percussion, the Abhyangam massage promotes the elimination of toxins, improving lymphatic, venous and arterial circulation. It is particularly recommended for the treatment of insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, premenstrual syndromes, to rebalance the nervous system and to relax the muscles. Traditional Ayurvedic Massage stands as a real elixir of well-being.

For years, the YogAyur - Natural Wellness Association has been engaged in the practice and dissemination of the therapeutic qualities of holistic treatments.  Furthermore, at our centers we organize annual training courses dedicated to learning Traditional Ayurvedic Massage.



Our Ayurvedic Yoga Massage course includes sessions in which all aspects of this wonderful discipline will be explored. The educational program is divided into 5 intensive weekends, for a total of 80 hours of both theoretical and practical training.

At the end of the course participants will be able to master the main techniques of manipulation of Traditional Ayurvedic Massage, with a solid base on the origins and the related philosophy. Our teachers will fully transmit the knowledge necessary to correctly practice the basic sequences of this form of Indian massage, in order to equip the student with the ability to autonomously conduct the entire ritual according to tradition.

In addition to the philosophical aspect, subjects will be addressed in order to provide the participants with a wealth of scientific knowledge so that they can implement massage techniques with full understanding of the rationale behind them.

Through the creation of study groups and practice, availability of handouts and in-depth material,

all useful ideas relating to anatomy, well-being philosophy and ethics of the well-being operator will be illustrated.

Upon completion of the course participants will receive a certificate of attendance and will be officially able to practice Traditional Ayurvedic Massage at a professional level. Furthermore, for exemplary students there is the possibility of an internship at our centers, with the opportunity to immediately put into practice what they have learned.



The Traditional Ayurvedic Massage course is held in Rome, at the YogAyur centre located in Via Giuseppe Acerbi N ° 38 (Tel. 380 3270932), in the Piramide area. The spacious rooms of the centre, bright and warm, will host the training sessions in a quiet and welcoming space, in a relaxed and serene atmosphere.

The centre is easily reached by public transport:

  • Metro B - Piramide
  • Rome-Lido train
  • Tram 3-8
  • Buses 23, 673, 715, 716, 769
  • Via Quattro Venti train station

and has good parking for those who choose to travel by car.

The area has many bars, cafés and restaurants for those wishing to purchase their own lunch.

The course will begin in November and includes one training weekend a month, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00, for five months.  In addition, two optional weekends are planned for April and May.



The price of the entire training course is € 850.00 (+ € 40.00 registration fee for non-members), payable in two installments. It is also possible to participate in individual weekends at a cost of € 200.00 each. For the two additional training weekends of April and May, a cost of € 350.00 is foreseen.

The fee includes study materials, handouts, everything needed for the practice of massage, breaks with teas and fruit and tutoring with the teacher throughout the course of study. Furthermore, students can take advantage of special discounts.



The Traditional Ayurvedic Massage course will be taught by Isabella Gatti.